SFSF’s first post was back in November 2010. It was started by Aaron Litchfield. Sarah Cadorette contributed to the blog for a couple of years writing the Miss Connections column and a few other articles.

Aaron is a very insecure person. This blog was basically created because he needed a venue for his writing. He is a stubborn person and never finished college. As a result his workshop time and feedback from others was minimal. He needed practice, and he needed to develop. So at the ripe old age of 29, he posted his first little essays for the world. Early posts were silly things like reviews of films he hadn’t finished watching, and stories from working at the ravioli place. Not really stories. Vignettes.

Sarah Cadorette was a friend of his whom he trusted, so he asked her to write for the blog. Anything. He just needed another person. A presence. Training wheels. Kind of silly. So she wrote a few essays and eventually fell into writing the Miss Connections column, which became the biggest hit. The blog is about 10% Sarah’s content, but she brought the most readers. Aaron always checked the stats.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m afraid your blog site has nothing to do with your chosen domain name.
    Its an odd choice. For you obviously are not street fighters.

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