Left Field

YO, Air-Head!




Uh Oh, We’ve lost him!


Maverick’s disengaged!


Not again!


He’s waaaaaay out.


talk to me goose


What was it he said he needed last night?


He needed a row.


Waaaaaaay out in left field.


Right, he needed a row.


A row for the boat.


Talk to me goose


Not a paddle, not an oar.


You know, a ROW, he said.


He ran up the hill, pissed off.


Don’t say that word.


-Is he even in there? My goodness!




Holy Mackerel, he really is on another planet this time!


What was he saying the other night?


talk to me Goose


He wanted to live in the country, on a farm.


Right! But the next minute he wanted the city.


Yeah, he wanted to live downtown.


The plaque for the alternates is in the ladies room

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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