Mr. Meardon Subs High school

“Alright class, I want everyone to stand and turn around. …C’mon, everyone up. look at the map behind you. Even you Jimmy, don’t be an ass, turn around.” Mr. Meardon began scribbling down a note while standing behind the desk at the front of the class. He had just seen Alice through the window of the classroom door. She was across the hall, going through her phone. He was pretty sure Alice was the new band teacher, or was it art? Whatever she taught, she was damn fine. Nice full figure.

“What is this about?”

Still scribbling Mr. Meardon continued: “Children, look at that vast world!”

“We aren’t children!”

“I want everyone to focus on a specific spot.” Mr. Meardon had finished scribbling on a piece of paper and slipped over to the door from the desk where he’d been standing. He nonchalantly pressed the note up against the glass of the door while still facing the students’ backs.

This is what Mr. Meardon pressed up against the glass of the door window.
This is what Mr. Meardon pressed up against the glass of the door window.

“What are you doing Mr. Meardon?”

“Turn around Jimmy.”

Mr. Meardon turned to face the window, still pressing the note to the glass. He made eye-contact with Alice. Her look was simultaneously puzzled and annoyed. He smiled and nodded, to assure her that she was not mistaken. Mr. Meardon motioned for her to come closer, though he immediately left the window and slipped back behind the desk.

“Pick a certain spot on the map. Once you’ve done that, you can sit down again….alright, now, I want you to put your heads down, close your eyes, and envision that spot you stared at.”

“This is stupid.”

Mr. Meardon began scribbling again from behind the desk. “Quiet down.” He said.


“That’s enough… I hope you picked a sunny locale Jimmy. Heads down everyone.” Mr. Meardon finished up his note and slipped back to the door. His palm pressed the paper up against the glass while he kept an eye on the students.


To Mr. Meardon’s surprise, the door opened and he almost tripped into Principal Pantoleono and Alice. The Principal immediately began addressing the class.

“Class, you’re familiar with Mrs. Dupont, our new Health teacher? She’s going to be with you for the rest of the period. I need to borrow Mr. Meardon for a minute.” Principal Pantoleono said all this while holding Mr. Meardon’s note.

*     *     *

The Principal’s office:

LEE -Mr Meardon- You want to see my butt so bad-LY” the Principal corrected.

“You probably won’t be needing me anymore today, will you?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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