Stat Brief for 2/11/14

Last week, when I wrote the latest Stat Brief, I thought to myself: Maybe it’d be nice to write a brief every Tuesday night from The Wine Cellar. Giving myself a weekly gig seemed proper. Working within the confines of a 5.5 hour shift where I’m interrupted by the occasional customer (The door ping pulls me off the computer in the back) is good for me. In between the lines you read I might be bullshitting a wine suggestion, but more often I default to telling the Harvard grad students and alums that I work only once a week and that I know nothing about wine-

“-a really nice Frenchman came in and told me these two wines are excellent. His wife loves them. Malbecs are all the rage apparently.” They’re often bewildered and annoyed by my ignorance and apathy.

A couple of hours ago I began by writing about Michael Schumacher- only to give up because none of my readers know who he is.  Schumacher is a German-born former Formula 1 race car driver. Beginning in the mid 90’s, Schumacher was the best for almost a decade, winning 7 championships for Ferrari. He is a fan favorite and a living legend.

Sadly, on December 29th the 45-year-old crashed into a rock while skiing and he’s been in a coma ever since. About a dozen pings ago here at The Cellar, I stalled a bit, knowing that the 25 SFSF readers in existence don’t know Michael Schumacher. It’s been reported that his wife talks to him every day to wake him out of his coma. I almost gave up on the weekly entry thing. Despite that, SFSF trudges on, and hopes Michael makes a full recovery.

On a more positive note, SFSF’s own Sarah Cadorette has a poem up on Read it here, like it, and like it on facebook. She’s going places.

Which brings us to everyone’s favorite thing about SFSF- the search engine terms. The nice thing about writing a brief once a week is that WordPress tallies the terms daily, weekly, and monthly. So I can click on the weekly option for immediate results of the terms over the past seven days.

So, only two people stumbled onto the blog via search engine since the last brief. The terms were: speed skate bulge and online dating in other countries. I love keeping with the Olympic theme for the second week in a row! Read the original Online Dating here.

Oh, yeah, this kid popped into the store and spoke with me, he must have been about four years old. I rang up his father while the child waited outside with his mom. Dad made for the exit while I began the next transaction. I heard some chatting at the door for a few seconds before the kid emerged from outside-

CHILD (interrupting transaction): Can I ask you a question sir?

ME: Go for it.

FATHER: I don’t think he’s gonna be able to help you out pal.

CHILD: Did you like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

ME: Yeah, I did, a little. I liked Raphael.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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