Water. Water for now please. Just water thank you. Waters. How about a round of waters? WATERS FOR THE TABLE! Water with lemon. Just a water with lemon please. Just a water with lime. Do you have Sweet & Low? Just water for now. Waters. Water- no ice. Oh, I said water with NO ICE please. Do you have straws? I think I’m okay with just water for now.

It’s ice. It’s ALL ice. He’s pouring more ice into my ice. Does he put gel in the front of his hair there? I think he hates us. He hates us. He’s scared. He LOOKS scared. He’s not comfortable, he’s not fluid. Look at him. I could use some more water. He’s GOT to put gel or moose or SOME-THING in his hair for it to curl like that. He’s awkward. 30? 32? No-no, NOT 26. EXCUSE ME, can I get more- thankyou- and can I um, have a side of SOUR CREAM please? Oh, and hon, you made a mistake here. It’s OOOOOO-KAY, but I just think you should know that you made a mistake. You brought be a CABERNAY sauvignon. I said CHARDONNAY, remember honey? No I don’t think he’s STUPID, he’s just kind of doofy. I think he just doesn’t GET IT, you know? There are people like us, and there are people like him.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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