-Marilyn, would you send Riley into my office?
Riley Porter?
-Sure, Riley Porter…the one who writes all of the emails.
Yes, that’s Riley Porter.
-Okay, well, send him in.

-Hi Riley, how are you?
-I’m good sir, good! How are you? How’s your wife? And the new baby- Jimmy! How’s Jimmy?
-Jerry’s fine Riley, have a seat. The reason I called you in today is your last email. All of your emails. But HERE I have your last email.
-Oh, yes! The one about The New Payroll?
-Yes, the one about your payroll idea. Riley, I want you to look at something- see this line here where you say “as per usual?”
-Will you do me a favor and read it without the per?
-“This new committee would in effect be an annex of the-”
-Riley, don’t read that. Just read the circled part.
-In the future, Riley, that will suffice- just as it did when you were eight years old.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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