Just Another Brief Conversation With Blaze

Hi Aaron it’s Blaze

Hey man.

I heard about those attacks in Boston. You’re right next to that. I want to make sure you’re okay.

Oh, thanks. Yeah, I’m okay.

Are all your friends alright?

Yeah…thanks for asking. How are you?

Ummm, pretty good. I saw a bunch of busses in Torrey Pines the other day and I thought it was a load of people here to see Jesus.

Oh, no way! They were looking for Jesus?

No, I just thought they were.


So yeah I saw a bunch of tour busses full of these people here to see Jesus and I thought of a speech I’d give them.

No you didn’t.

Yeah I did. So I thought of this speech and I thought I’d give it to you and you could put it on your blog.

If you write me a speech from Jesus I guarantee you that I’ll put it on the blog.

Okay, good. You know what? I’ll do that right now, I’ll hang up and email it to you right away.

Okay. Thanks Blaze.

Well Aaron, I’m glad you’re alright and I hope everything is okay in Somerville. Tell your friends that your friend Blaze says hi and I will go write that and send it right away.

I’ll do that. See ya Blaze.

It was the cloudy day of Sunday February 3rd 2013. I Blaze Ginsberg, I am taking myself to ride the city bus to Fifteenth Street Beach. As I go I see a murder of tour buses roaming the streets. I think is Jesus Christ back, I think he is?

Jesus’s speech:

Fair people of today,  I have come your way,  I have these things to say-

Hatred is not the way; you have some nerve to hate someone because they are disabled, black, or gay.

People of the Holy Cinemas of California, you have some effrontery to hate this girl because her name is Mercury!  Ye with the least amount of sin cast the first stone; let this girl be at her own.

I have come back to remind, if you want salvation some day, love acceptance and kindness should always be the way,

That is all I have to say, your Wholly Ghost Savvier,
Jesus H. Christ
%      *      *      %      *      *      %
Here you can read The Holy Cinemas of California, an older conversation with Blaze. That’s where he references Mercury and stuff.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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