There is a post on facebook that

shows a black and white picture of Mitt Romney’s Dad and says:

“Liberals in America who claim Romney is a racist

seem to forget that it was Mitt’s father who marched with cival rights activists not Obama’s”

It’s the above soundbite, the political horseshit loaded statement that gets people to not show up at the polls. Any guesses why people are cynical?

I don’t need to break it down, do I? I mean the half-brained reader has already realized that it’s absurd to assume that just because one’s father marches in a parade, any scrutiny about one’s value system is wasted and unwarranted.

What if Charles Manson’s Dad marched in a peace parade?

Or if the Zombie eater’s Dad marched in a-

Talk, use the internet- use facebook to duke things out but don’t insult yourselves or your country by subscribing to that childish soundbite, back and forth bullshit. All it is is BULLSHIT and everyone knows it. And if you don’t know it, you’re a clown. And that’s a fact.

The ad is thoughtless, pathetic, preach-to-the-chior propaganda and we should all be disgusted by it. I’m not saying Romney’s racist. To be honest, I don’t know where the racial accusations come from yet.

That being said, vote for Obama, even if his Dad wasn’t caught marching in a civil rights parade.

…first name basis with Mitt I guess plus Obama’s Dad is like the devil for not marching…wow.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

One thought on “There is a post on facebook that”

  1. I strongly believe that politicians should be barred from all media advertising. People can find out about them by reading the papers (articles only – no ads!) and by debates on tv and radio. Putting out crap like this is just an unnecessary distraction and does influence the pea brains out there. We have seen enough of the feces-throwing-primate behavior already – thank you very much.

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