11:37 pm Tuesday

An hour ago I was in bed about to go to sleep when my little brother Nicholas called. I used to walk around with him on my shoulders and he would hang on to my hair even though I told him many times he could hang on to my shirt or ears even- but please don’t pull my hair. He never listened. Also, He’d come outside when the neighbor kids were skating and he’d just walk over to a bush and pull his pants all the way down and start urinating into iceplant. Sometimes he laughed, but not every time. He was about age three when he did all this. Also, he’d sleepwalk and pee into trash cans and I swear on my life he opened up a CD Rom drive and fired away. He began crying when my laughing and mocking woke him up. I think he cried every time he woke from sleepwalking/peeing.

So an hour ago I was in bed, feeling guilty for not publishing anything during my three days off (sun/mon/tues) when Nick called and asked me if I’d blogged anything the last few days. I didn’t say anything for a second. Nick has a two-month old son now. Nick suggested I write a fictitious scenario about the three of us living in France. That’s where Nick’s input ended. He said goodbye and had nothing to do with the scenario that follows, because it would be foolish for him to publicly say anything remotely sexist or misogynistic given his current scenario.

The following scenario is derived entirely by me, at my brother Nick’s request:

We get a studio in France. The three of us get a STUDIO? OK, we get a Loft or something. We have money from Nick being an up-and-coming model and Aaron being an up-and-coming writer. We get a nannie for the child and Aaron can bang the hot nannie. She’ll be cool cuz she’ll also take care of the baby. Her name will be Alexandra- who? The same name as the  French girl Aaron took to Cape Cod and made out with on the bus on the way back and talked about forever. She asked what kind of writing. Great American. Aaron exploited the language barrier. Haha. Talked about it Forever? Well, a month. Really? Aaron talked about it for a good amount of time.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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