Here We Go

He had a scar on his neck that was huge and went way down his chest. The removal left his face partially paralyzed, leaving him with a smirk. He had another caterpillar-shaped scar on his chest. He had a couple more here and there.

After making frightening noises, he’d summon a bloody snot mixture and proudly display it on his tongue. He had shiny black straight hair. When we moved into the new house, Janis drew the height chart on the door frame in the kitchen. Tyler about 2 milimeters above mine, that was the last time. We had a crush on the same girl. He played baseball one year too. He never got a hit but that doesn’t even come close to mattering. He was in the back of the pickup truck eating ice cream with the rest of them.

He gave me three pills- a Thorizine, another, and a third that was supposed to make the other two work better. I slept like a rock that night. Slept through seminary, and all my classes until lunch. Didn’t really matter because I was way behind in Lord Of The Flies anyway.

I was gonna be a football player, a baseball player, a fighter pilot in The Navy! I was gonna be a business man. I could start my own business! Maybe I could drive cars and write about them for Road & Track. I wanna work downtown. I want a Ferrari- a stockbrok-

He wanted to be a doctor.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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