“Blunt Time”

The following was taken from foxsports.com. After reading about how two Bengals players were arrested upon having 2.5 pounds of weed delivered to their home. One of their homes. Anyway, pasted below is the solution for our economic troubles in the form of a response to that Bengals article. Follow? I read an article and then stumbled across this gem of a comment from a Canadian sports fan. Here ya go:

Well I’m Canadian and where I live I can carry not more than 1oz. (28grams) of weed (BULK) if you get stoped by the cops and they want to search you or ask if you have anything on you it’s best to say YES! I have a bag of weed on me and you show them BUT! they cannot take it from you because it is legal to carry not more than 1oz of weed you can be at a bus stop smoking a joint the cops pass by they won’t stop and check you out it’s happened to me numerous times while i’m waiting for the bus and nothing happened if someone is there i’ll ask if i can smoke a joint most of the time they say as long as I get a puff no problem LIGHT UP!!! and thats the cool part there is always someone who smokes-up (and i get my stuff from B.C.) but I do not live there wish I did. So in essence the U.S. should legalize weed and it will pay down the 14+trillion in debt in no time what are they waiting for Dec.12, 2012 we all know this will not happen SO START GROWING AMERICA!!! it is the best thing for your economy. end of story!!!!

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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