Definitely Get My Piece

An article on writing, possibly called 10 Things To Do To Become Better Writer might suggest a simple, but “profound” move. One suggestion could be to take the headphones off. Just take em off when riding the subway. Suggestion #7 might rhetorically ask what you could possibly gain from listening to Age of Consent for the 10,000th time. Suggestion 7 might promise a goldmine of characters and dialogue on the subway car. Suggestion 7 might suggest that afer all, this is your job, your duty to take off the headphones.

So out they go. It’s over with anyway.

Near the door there are two overweight men in their mid thirties. They are casually dressed. Short-sleeved button shirt. Short-sleeved Polo shirt. One is pretty bald. One has a big shiny watch. Both are sweaty. I hear one of them mid-sentence:

“-definitely get my piece.”


There is a new Starbucks in Harvard Square. You see it as you walk up the stairs and out of the Station. It’s right there. It’s been called “The Death Starbucks.” It takes up two floors and has a Clover Bar. The Clover is a machine that makes super duper coffee. And upstairs in the Death Star is a whole bar that sells only Clover coffee which wasn’t a big seller back before whole bars were dedicated to it.

Starbucks sucks. For various reasons. But today’s reason centers around the piano at the new location. Upstairs, there is a nice little area where people can gather and listen as someone plays piano. But it’s glued shut. During construction, the piano was out-of-tune, but playable. By opening day it was glued shut.

All the metaphors are pretty much layed out for me here.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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