Microscope Glasses


What does that old woman have on her glasses?


She’s blind, Aaron. She’s wearing those glasses because she’s blind.


Well if she’s blind, why does she bother? Why does she have a microscope on her glasses? For fun? And she’s not blind. She was looking at the deli case.


OK, Aaron, she’s legally blind. When a person’s vision in so debilitating that they can’t do normal, everyday things, like drive, or walk safely down a sidewalk alone, they’re considered legally blind. She can barely see. That’s why she has a microscope on her glasses. I know you don’t like her because she asked you to sample meat and it takes time away from throwing food at the sandwich side and talking to Sam about girls, but sampling meat is part of your job OK? She didn’t do anything to you. She’s a nice old lady.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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