I Guess It’s Good To Be Grateful For The Little Good Things That Happen To you

A message from Nick Jones:

Several months ago, I [Nicholas Rian Jones] found out that someone was using my social security number for several Wells Fargo bank accounts.  This someone is a wonderful lady from San Jose by the name of Rosa.  Miss Rosa has been using a credit card under my SS# for the past six years, and surprisingly has not completely obliterated my credit score.  That’s right, she has been paying her/my monthly bills and effectively establishing a score of 700.  I don’t know whether to thank her, or to be p.o.’d that she’s been unlawfully using my identity since I was in eighth grade.  I guess it’s good to be grateful for the little good things that happen to you.  So here’s to you, Rosa Rivera: thank you for the exceptional credit score!

The bank said they would have this all taken care of, though here I am four months later with no answers.  I can’t say that I am surprised.  After various attempts to contact Wells Fargo, I got nothing.  Again, no surprise.  The SS admin office was really cool too. I waited there for two hours with a multitude of pungent lowlifes [Maybe a patron of the office was wearing mesh pants without the mercy of underwear. Maybe another smelled of urine and cheap perfume. Screaming baby/babies perhaps? Anyway, Nick Jones waited among these people before he was finally] called up to the window and told, “There is nothing we can do about identity theft.”  Gotta love bureaucracies.

Speaking of candy, [Nick Jones spoke of candy in a paragraph that was omitted.] I am fiercely hooked on those little Japanese Starburst-like candies called High-CHEWs.  They are ridiculously delicious.  [Ridiculously Delicious Ridiculously Delicious Ridiculously Delicious] I urge you readers to try them.  But stick to the strawberry and green apple flavors.  Any other flavor is chomping in vain.  I assume the name High-CHEW refers to the amount of chewing necessary to consume one of the tough little buggers.  Green apple and strawberry are totally worth the effort.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

One thought on “I Guess It’s Good To Be Grateful For The Little Good Things That Happen To you”

  1. An accurate description of the frustration of bureaucracy. The plug for Hi Chews is an added bonus. They are the candy world’s little secret. They can be found in abundance at World Market.

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