Jr. College

Thongs everywhere. Pants got real low while I was on my mission. Low-cut jeans with thongs pulled tight and bundled up. Sticking out to the left, out to the right. Every color. Sometimes something special at the top- like a shiny bead.  Of course all of this is because visible panty lines are weird.

Students on cell phones telling the other end that they got soooooo fucked up last night. $100 mediocre text books written by professors who are forcing us to buy their books which is like economically unethical, isn’t’ it? Students who go because their parents get discounts on health and car insurance. Student’s who don’t want to be there. The girl who could have gone away but attends because her mother is sick. The kid who wears a trench coat over wife beater tank-top. Shirts encouraging me to listen to Bob Marley. Kid wearing coat over tank-top playing Dance Dance Revolution in the cafeteria with coat flying all around its huge diameter. Professors protecting their coffee at a generous distance from the coat’s diameter, looking on, mystified. Professors who don’t want to be there. Hats telling me to party and/or surf naked. Going into my professor’s office and telling her that I had questions about the last test. Explaining to professor that my girlfriend, who’s away at real college talks to her teachers all the time. My girlfriend is kinda cute- and you know she’s working it a little when she’s in there. Maybe she bumps her grade up a notch- and it bugs me to think about her doing that. But this is ENGLISH. I mean c’mon, it’s all I got. (I didn’t quite say that.)  Professor goes over the test and finds a couple things that, yeah, were in fact mistakes on her part and I did in fact have an A and she’s glad that I came in because I deserved that A. But that I was cute though. (She really said that last part.)

There’s now a section called Jr. College.  It’s about Jr. College in Southern California in the 2000’s.

Author: Aaron

Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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