Boston Colleges

This is really about the most annoying colleges in Boston. In the summer of 2009, I had the idea of writing about Boston’s annoying colleges and I took some notes.  I never got around to writing it beyond that. I figured I’d have to talk to more people and ask questions and do research. Eventually, I forgot about the idea. That’s my creative process- Enthusiasm, frustration/doubt, bury.

Some of the notes from my notebook:

“Talkin about the most annoying colleges in Boston. As measured by their students.

1) Berkeleyeyeyey College of Guitar Backpacks And 15-yr-Old 18-yr-Olds.

2) Note here, Number Two was inspired by a conversation I overheard from a group of young Harvard lads [probably freshman/sophomore] in what seemed like a pretty typical beginning-of-semester conversation.  They were exuberantly talking about people, perhaps slightly more veteran Harvard crewman that were likely to row in the Olympics and make billions of dollars out of the gate that sits at the front there on Brattle street or JFK.  The name of a Senior Crewman was dropped by one of the Young Men of Harvard who went on to unveil that this Fully-Realized Man of Harvard they were speaking of was from Argentina or something. The other Young Man of Harvard exclaimed- “Chalk up another person I know from another country!”


Gravitas, Hometown Buffe-itas, Chalk-Up-Another-Person-I-Know-from-another-country-itas.

3) I have a few friends with Emerson ties, so the following was a struggle.

Emerson- Not #2 for Allie’s sake.”

I asked my friend Gabriel what he thought about the annoying college thing and he told me he felt that MIT was lame because of their “pretensious seclusion.” Allie agreed and added that their self-sustaining college was almost a “sovereign freaking nation, with folks smoking freely in the halls and such.”

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Aaron lives in Texas right now.

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